Waterdeep: City of Splendors

Business Negotiations
Game Session May 25th

The party spent time building up our tavern, including negotiations for beer vendors, courtships of wealthy investors, and placations of a ghost that haunts the bar. Our party motivation for adventuring is shifting toward an effort to build up capital for our property. W e had some trouble trying to pick up our next thread of adventure, but a couple of leads eventually found us. We have been approached with job offers from both the Harpers and the Gray Hands (or whatever the wizard’s cabal is called). We did discover where the Mind Flayer probably went; there seemed to be some teleportation magical residue on that lone pillar.

- Odren spearheaded the tavern negotiations.
- Alton was our contact with the Harpers.
- Sarros was our contact for the Wizard’s Guild.
- Rullek was… pretty much just exploring being a bird.

Grey Goo and a Walking Brain
Session 5/18/2019

We remove the baracades from the door and and we set up our offensive to enter the boarded up room. Vapur opens the door and peers into the room. He sees a large area of grey goo filled with old bones and a pit in the corner. He decides to move back as the goo starts to move towards the open door. Alton, who is ready for an ambush, attacks the goo as it enters our area and strikes the grey goo. It’s still active and strikes back at Alton unleashing massive acid damage forcing Alton to disengage before dissolving into grey goo himself.

Rullek unleashes a Sacred Flame upon the grey goo and Odren connects with a crossbow bolt. After seeing what happened to Alton, Vapur casts Blade Ward and moves back into the far corner to have another drink from his flask. Rullek moves to engage and casts another Sacred Flame on the puddle. Sarros hits with a critical fire bolt attack and the grey goo blows up and splatters the group. We find out it was guarding the Lavatory – none of the supplies in the room worth anything as they had been eroded by acid.

We hear sounds coming from other door in the room and ends up being screams from beyond. We move in to investigate. We find a Half Orc with its foot holding down a prone human and his hand is on fire. Half_Orc_Warlock.jpgNow that’s how you torture someone. Also sitting in the room on a throne is a creature with tentacles and has a pet it’s caressing that looks like a brain with legs and feet. The tentacle creature exits room thru a double door but leaves the brain pet to defend the throne. Rullek moves in attacks with his Sacred Flame and does radiant damage on the Half Orc. Sarros hits with fire bolt and does massive damage again. Alton moves in and finishes off the Half Orc. Odren fires a bolt into the brain pet with his crossbow and hits. We have brain-on-a-stick. The Brain moves in to hit Odren – with what we don’t know as Rullek hits the Brain with ‘Toll the Dead’ and Sarros kills it with a Magic Missile spell.

Vapur quickly checks the room through the double doors to see if the tentacle creature is waiting. Nothing but a room with a pillar and markings of Xanathar. No sign of the tentacle creature so Vapur closes the double doors. The rest of the group attends to the human who is Floon and luckily still alive and conscious.

We quickly search the rooms except the one behind the double doors. Alton finds a hidden staircase in the floor of the room just off the throne area that goes down. The ledge has a throne, which is a basic chair, at the top of landing. The tentacle creature did not leave anything behind.

We decide to return Floon to Volo to get our reward and complete our first mission. Unfortunately Volo is cash poor but has a deed to the Trollskull Manor and Tavern in the North Ward that he will sign over to us. We are a little skeptical so we go and investigate the building. It is huge and we decide it would be a great base of operations for the Sewer Hawks (it has a Wine and Ale cellar). We go ahead and have Magistrate Kylynne Silnerhelve witness the transfer of ownership to the Sewer Hawks. Troll_Skull_Manor.jpg

We spend the night at our new HQ and discuss our Marketing plan and the Grand Re-Opening of the Tavern. We’ll use the rooms for ourselves. We wake up feeling much stronger than before?? We decide to return to the sewers to where we found Floon and investigate the secret staircase. As we descend into the sewers we find the yellow markings are now gone?? Alton leads us back to where we encountered the Brain. We investigate the pillar room and Alton investigates the pillar. Xanathar_Tatoo.pngNothing stands out from the pillar. There is a staircase that leads to area with door on west and south sides.

The door to west of pillar opens to hallway with secret door at the end. We open the secret door and it leads to an area with small steam running north to south and a ledge across from area. We know this is one of the passageways that connects back to main sewer area. We find the other room with arrow slit and the dead goblin.

We find foot prints up on ledge across the way. We travel south down passage to another passage to the west. Alton and Vapur travel down the narrow passage and find a room with a large bookshelf, two cots, staircase, and two arches. Out of nowhere a humanoid rat creature attacks Vapur with short sword and dagger. Odren and Alton move in and kill the rat. It morphs back to a halfling. wererat.jpgWe find nothing in the bookcase or the two rooms outside of crates and barrels with supplies.

We travel back to the room with the secret staircase and get reading to descend into the lower level of the sewers.

The Sewer Hawks of Waterdeep
(Session 5/11/2019)

Sarros ties up the surviving Kenku and the party searches the lower room in the warehouse. A noise from under the staircase draws Alton’s attention. Opening the door to the hidden room under the staircase we get a big dose or fish and vinegar smell. There is a tarp laying on the floor of the room and there is movement under it. We carefully remove the tarp to find a human male tied up. It is Renar. We ask Renar several questions including what has happened to Floon? Renar explains that the Zhentarian think Renar’s Father stole money from the guild and has hid it. Most of the party has heard this story and it’s thought of as a Waterdeep urban legend. But then the Stone of Golorr went missing from the Zhentarian and they think Renar’s Father had something to do with it. They also confused Floon for Renar so it is important we find him before the Zhentarian realize their mistaken identity.

The party continues to search for clues that might help us find the “yellow” signs. Alton finds a secret door and upon opening it a bell rings throughout the 2nd floor of the warehouse. Odren dashes, well a slow trot, up the stairs to head off any opponents that may be coming. We find that there are no other opponents in the warehouse as all were probably killed. The secret rooms looks like a storage area and there are two crates – one with 4 paintings, presumed stolen, and the other had 15 10lb bars of silver.

As we start to celebrate our new-found wealth, a legion of Waterdeep guards barge into the warehouse and order us to freeze and stand down. The party, along with Regan, relay to Captain Hyustus Staget what happened and who was responsible. Odren, being the saint he is, turns over the stolen paintings and bars of silver to the Captain so they can return it to the rightful owners so hoping there is a reward. This should put us in the good graces of the Dock Ward security. The guards take the Kinku and Renar with them to fill out the report and before leaving Captain Hyustus Staget passes out the list of laws to each of us.

It takes the party 4 hours to find a sewer opening with the yellow chalk of the guild symbol. We open the sewer cover and descend into the disgusting and smelly sewers of Waterdeep. We follow the signs for a good hour before coming to an intersection with a circular stone shaft ladder to an exit grate above. A floating head the size of a grapefruit guards the ladder, which we determine is a Gazer. We engage it – Rullek throws and hits with his spear, Sarros connects with fire bolt and Vapur casts vicious mockery for psychic damage. The 2nd firebolt from Sarros kills the Gazer before it can wreak havoc on the party.

Alton climbs up ladder to investigate and find it leads to a cellar of casks and barrels. The party moves into cellar and Alton goes up stairs and peeks through door which looks to lead into a Tavern with a number of blue collared patron’s drinking. We walk in and sit at table and Sarros buys a round for all. We find out this is the Spouting Fish in the Dock Wards. The party is unable to determine where it’s located in relation to the Skeward Dragon and we decide to rest and spend the night there.

The next morning we enter the sewers once again through the cellar of the Skeward Dragon. We continue to follow the yellow signs and it takes us to a larger circular undeveloped area with a hallway to the north and south. Since Vapur has dark vision he sneaks around the perimeter of the open are and he finds two arrow slits, across from each other, and a ledge with a door that has the yellow symbol on it directly across from our party. Vapur determines there are goblins behind the arrow slits and one appears to be asleep. They eventually detect Vapur and he takes an arrow to the head. Battle breaks out and three more goblins with bows emerge from the doorway across from the party. Sarros puts them to sleep as Odren kills one. Vapur uses vicious mockery to deal with the goblin behind the arrow slits. The remaining sleeping goblins killed by Vapur and Sarros.

Vapur, Odren and Rullek take damage from the battle and heal up as much as possible. We enter the catacombs from where the goblins came from. We explore a few empty rooms before coming across a room we hear noise from. Odren silently opens the door and sees a Human and a Duergar arguing. It seems the Duergar is baracading a door on the opposite side of the room and the Human is stating it’s not going to hold. Odren walks up to the human who we learn is Krent and asks what’s going on. They exchange pleasantries as Odren poses as a guild member. After Krent acknowledges the kidnapping Odren holds up the list of Waterdeep laws to Krent and then punches him while he reads. We dispatch Krent and Zemp, the Duergar before anything major happens. We take a breath and then wonder what lies beyond the door they were trying to barricade.

Session 1
Making our Mark on WaterDeep

The party was enjoying food and drink at the Yawning portal when a fight broke out between tattooed individual and a half orc female.

The half orc was dishing out some damage as 4 additional tattooed scoundrels advanced.

Alton, Odren, Rullek, and Vapur took position to intercept them from interfering as Sarros ensure the drinks on the table did not get cold.

The tattooed individuals appeared to be part of Xanathar’s Guild. (Eye tattoos on the leader)

After the fight ended, a large creature climbed of the taverns famous portal. A troll, was announced by Durnan our ever-capable bartender and fighter. The troll was defeated with Durnan taking a good amount of the damage.

Our group was approached by Volo who was impressed with our handling of the troll. Volo was in search of missing individual by the name of Floon.

While traveling we were attracted to a curio shop called, “Old Xoblob Shop” which stood out with all the purple items including a large beholder head. The price was out of our range. Rullek picked up a few purple feathers. The owner made reference to a local tavern (Skewered Dragon) and Floon.

We ventured to the Skewered Dragon tavern and were directed to warehouse on a road called Candle Lane and once we entered we found a large number of dead bodies and a group of 4 hostile Kenku attacked the party.

The party was able to capture one of the Kenku. Upon questioning the bird-like critter, the following information was gained from it repeating the following phrases:

  • In a deep voice with an Orcish accent: “Xanathar sends it’s reguards.”
  • In a thin, nasally voice: “Tie up the pretty boy in the back room!” and “Follow the yellow signs in the sewers.”
  • In a scratchy voice: “No time to loot the place, just get him to the boss!”

(Added in some notes and corrected a few of the names. – Marc 4/26)

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