Waterdeep: City of Splendors

Business Negotiations

Game Session May 25th

The party spent time building up our tavern, including negotiations for beer vendors, courtships of wealthy investors, and placations of a ghost that haunts the bar. Our party motivation for adventuring is shifting toward an effort to build up capital for our property. W e had some trouble trying to pick up our next thread of adventure, but a couple of leads eventually found us. We have been approached with job offers from both the Harpers and the Gray Hands (or whatever the wizard’s cabal is called). We did discover where the Mind Flayer probably went; there seemed to be some teleportation magical residue on that lone pillar.

- Odren spearheaded the tavern negotiations.
- Alton was our contact with the Harpers.
- Sarros was our contact for the Wizard’s Guild.
- Rullek was… pretty much just exploring being a bird.



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